Torque Vectoring Market Size, Share, Outlook and Growth Opportunities 2019-2025

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Publishing Date : 18-Sep-2019

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  • Torque Vectoring strategic analysis research from Analysis is a comprehensive market analysis on Torque Vectoring industry. Published since 2011, the present edition presents current Torque Vectoring market conditions and growth prospects between 2019 and 2025.

    Amidst increasing interest in automotive research from large and emerging automotive companies, the current Torque Vectoring market report has been designed to include clear insights and action plans for success in global and regional markets. The report segments the Torque Vectoring industry into detailed categories to understand market statistics and factors shaping each of the sub-segments and potential growth prospects.

    The industry is analyzed both at panoramic level and in-detail with analysis being backed with strong data in every instance to ensure both market companies and investors to identify unmet market demand, competition conditions and formulate right market growth strategy.

    Torque Vectoring Market: Highlights
    Torque Vectoring role in automotive industry continues to increase annually, driven by growing production of automotives. In particular, emerging Asia Pacific, Middle East and Latin America continue to be major target markets for Torque Vectoring suppliers. Increase in disposable incomes coupled with urban population growth remains the primary drivers of Torque Vectoring market size worldwide. The recent trends towards increased comfort and safety concerns, luxury and advanced technologies in automotive sector will drive the Torque Vectoring penetration.

    The global market for Torque Vectoring continue to offer promising growth rate over the forecast period to 2025 encouraged by increase in R&D efforts of major companies in Torque Vectoring. The market forecast is poised to witness sustainable demand, encouraging flow of investments into the sector.

    The market outlook is also characterized by gradual mergers and acquisition activity, leading to consolidation in specific markets. In particular, established companies prefer inorganic growth strategies to expand into local markets.

    The market research report analyzes 15 markets worldwide including US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil and Argentina.
    Asia Pacific is expected to experience the fastest growth in Torque Vectoring market during the forecast period to 2025. Asia Pacific growth is largely attributable to increasing fleet and traffic, deployment of new production facilities, increase in automotive sales owing to rising expenditures and upcoming passenger and commercial vehicles.

    Research Methodology
    The report is prepared through intense primary and secondary research techniques including discussions with industry experts and data triangulation methods. Our proprietary databases are updated through thousands of authentic sources including government sources, organizations, statistical organizations, annual reports, company presentations and others.

    Scope and Report Coverage
    The research presents detailed understanding into Torque Vectoring market with actionable insights for decision makers. It is structured to offer users to formulate key growth strategies based on current and future market conditions.
    • Market Introduction: Overview, Market Highlights
    • Market environment: Market drivers and constraints, five forces analysis, market trends
    • Market segmentation and growth prospects of each sub-segment, 2019- 2025
    • Market Segmentation by Type, Application and markets
    • Country Analysis: 14 countries across the world with current market value and future growth potential
    o North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico) Torque Vectoring market
    o Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia, Rest of Europe) Torque Vectoring market
    o Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, South Korea, Rest of Asia-Pacific) Torque Vectoring market
    o Middle East Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Rest of Middle East Africa) Torque Vectoring market
    o South and Central America (Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South Central America) Torque Vectoring market
    • Competitive landscape and market share: Product launches, companies operating across different supply chain
    • Strategic growth opportunities for established companies and emerging players