Global intellectual property (IP), patent landscape, state-of-the-art report of 3D printing and rapid manufacturing in medical technology

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Publishing Date : 20-Sep-2017

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  • Discover the intellectual property of 3D Printing and Rapid Manufacturing in Medical Technology

    If you are an IP professional, a consultant, a strategy manager, a business executive, academic leader or an M&A professional this report could potentially save you a lot of effort in understanding the IP of medical 3D printing. Our report can typically be understood by senior managers, not just technical experts. IP insights and syntheses can be critical to your IP, R&D, innovation, application development, business development, M&A and broader business strategy.

    The report focuses on the intellectual property of 3D printing (=additive manufacturing) as well as subtractive manufacturing, therefore overall rapid manufacturing for medical applications (medical technology, medical devices and healthcare). It includes more than 250 selected patents (> 110 individual inventions) worldwide from 1 Jan 2006 to 31 Dec 2016 and shows you which inventions are protected by patents in which countries. It offers a concise overview of the IP landscape as well as an easy-to-understand patent-by-patent analysis.

    The patents identified and analysed were mainly in the fields of dental, orthopedics, general medical, tissue engineering, monitoring & diagnostic, data, CMF, hearing devices, spine, orthosis, cancer surgery and airway devices.

    Our report features a synthesis of the IP landscape and a patent-by-patent analysis.

    1. IP landscape synthesis
    • Ideal for business executives, consultants, IP, R&D, innovation, business development, application development or M&A leaders who want to understand the essence of medical 3D printing IP in a brief amount of time
    • Read a small number of pages to understand the IP landscape globally
    • See per key field which types of inventions are protected in which countries
    • Browse through the detailed list of all inventions and their specific application focus

    2. Patent-by-patent analysis
    • Ideal for IP managers, consultants, researchers, application developers
    • For each invention/patent, read an insightful synthesis that is easy to understand, short and to-the-point, including:
      i. Application focus
      ii. Identified problems & needs
      iii. Overall proposed solution
      iv. Key elements
    • Do not worry about summarizing multi-page long technical patent documents yourself, just copy/paste our analysis and tweak it to your needs

    Executive summary:
    This report analyses and synthesises the intellectual property (IP) of rapid manufacturing in the medical field, which consists of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) and subtractive manufacturing. The inventions were selected using a targeted search strategy (using Espacenet), leading to more than 250 patents from 2006 to the end of 2016, filed globally. These represent over 110 different inventions (several ones are protected with multiple patents in different countries).

    Inventions were analysed by region and main field they addressed, the results were synthesised, and a concise analysis of each invention/patent was added. The analysis details application focus, identified problems & needs, overall proposed solution and key elements for each invention/patent.

    Results from the search show that the main application fields were in dental, followed by orthopedics and general medical. Other fields included tissue engineering, monitoring & diagnostic, data, CMF, hearing devices, spine, orthosis, cancer surgery and airway devices. [A structured and more detailed synthesis is provided in the report after purchase in its executive summary and IP landscape section]. Patents were filed by many different companies, universities and individuals. Most companies or universities had only one invention under protection. But in several cases a single invention was protected with multiple patents in different countries. Most patents were filed as WIPO, Chinese, European or US patents.

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