Market Trends Indicate a forecast of Radical Growth in Synthetic Leather Industry

Leather is widely popular material that is used in a multitude of industries. It has become an integral part of the fashion industry. A wide range of products such as footwear, accessories, jackets, pants, etc. are made using leather. Apart from fashion industry, leather is used in interior designing, automobile parts, home décor, etc. and makes up for a significant part of the market worldwide. Versatility of leather has triggered its likability and hence its demand substantially. Since leather is made from tanning animal rawhide and skin that causes a huge ecological impact, its alternative was introduced called as the ‘synthetic leather’.

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Synthetic Leather is a man-made fabric that is made up of Polyurethane. The post-treatment and dyeing of the material gives synthetic leather the properties that resemble the real leather. Plenty of aesthetically pleasant products are made from synthetic leather. In order to make synthetic leather, a petroleum based plasticizer is pumped into the mixer. Thereafter, an ultraviolet light stabilizer is added to the mixture for providing protection from sunrays. A fire-repellent solution is poured into it that makes synthetic leather fire-proof. To provide desired consistency to the solution, powdered vinyl is added in the mixer and large rolls of the synthetic leather sheets are made.  To add colour to the leather, different colouring agents are poured into tubs while the sheets are passed through them.

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The ready product has various features and due to them, synthetic leather has gained a popularity. Some of the advantages that synthetic leather are mentioned below:

  • Durable:

Synthetic leather is a long-lasting and highly durable material. Its ability to withstand scrapes and scratches out ways the genuine leather. It is also ultra-violet rays and stain resistant.

  • Cheap:

Since synthetic leather does not require animal skin and is chemical based material, it is cheaper than the genuine leather.

  • Aesthetic:

Synthetic leather provides an aesthetic quality to the products made from it. It offers a texture uniformity and more realistic appearance.

  • Easy to Maintain:

Synthetic leather requires less maintenance efforts as it can be cleaned easily and resists moisture.

Synthetic Leather Industry is an increasingly growing industry as per concluded by market research and analysis reports. The worldwide popularity of synthetic leather is accelerating the market size of synthetic leather industry creating new investment policies and business opportunities.